Tech Tip Tuesday: Hunting With An ATV (Part 2)

Mule Deer Bucks

This week is opening weekend for most of Idaho’s rifle deer hunting where GearHead is located. Elk rifle season starts shortly after in many units in the state. We hope you found some good tips from our last post, Hunting with and ATV Part 1. Some of our readers thought it would be good to write another post that talks about more accessories for hunting, so we’ve come up with a list of few items that hunters have found invaluable when using their ATV or side by side for the hunt. Hope you enjoy and good luck getting that elusive buck!

  •  Handlebar Mitts – You won’t know how much these mitts will save your hands ATV Hand Warmersuntil you try them and then ride without them on a cold predawn morning. These mitts protect your hands from the biting wind when riding and allow you to wear your regular gloves instead of bulky gloves just for riding. That way if you need to dismount quickly to pursue an animal, you will be ready to go with warm hands that aren’t bulky. Choose SPI Handlebar Mitts or Kolpin Handlebar Mitts.
  • Gun/Bow Mounts – This is at the top of the list because without a place to properly secure and transport your rifle or bow, your hunt may be over before it begins. While there are a few options on the market with regards to a gun mount, ATV/UTV Gun Boot MountGearHead recommend these Kolpin  Rhino ATV grips because they are universal in fit, have a ratchet design to accomodate different size guns/bows, and push button release for quick and easy removal. For those using gun scabbards and riding a Polaris Ranger or RZR, we offer this Polaris Lock n Ride Dual Gun Boot Mount. If you need a scabbard/gun boot, we also offer those as well. (Required in many states)
  • Storage – There never seems to be  enough ATV Hunting Storage Bagfor everything in your pack, so get one of these rear rack mounted bags to store the stuff you won’t need on your back like a saw, cooler, gambrel and pulley hoist, game bags, etc. We like this Kolpin Evolution ATV bag because you can order it in advantage camo and its big enough to fit a cooler for those back straps and will double as a back rest.
  • Light – While you may be tempted to use thisATV Spot Light for spotlighting deer, the real purpose is to give you light right where you need it. The one hand operation, remove-ability, and long cord make this Cycle Country ATV Light perfect for finding that blood trail at night, looking for an arrow or dropped knife or shedding some light on a deer while your buddy is field dressing it.
  • Bungee cords, tie downs, rope – It’s always good to carry extra tie downs on a hunt even if you keep them in the trunk or truck. Your old tie downs may break or you may need to use one as a tow strap or to strap that deer you just shot onto your ATV rack. Rope and bungee cords can also come in handy for similar reasons so bring some of those as well.
  • Heated Grips/thumb warmer – For those hunting in the cold, these heated grips Heated ATV Gripscan make a world of difference. Since most of your riding time will likely be before dawn and after dusk, adding a heated grip and/or thumb warmer, can make a huge difference and allow you to actually use your hands after you get off your ATV. Combine these with handlebar mitts and you’re hands will be warm in any blizzard.

We hope some of these accessories will help your hunt be more successful and enjoyable this year and in the years to come.

We hope you have enjoyed this tech tip. Do you have a tech tip question you need answered? Email us at and we might answer your question in our next Tech Tip post.

ATV Deer Hunt

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