Tech Tip Tuesday: Should I Wear A Neck Brace?

Should I wear a neck brace?

Yes. If you’re wondering whether the cost of a neck brace is worth it, then the answer is a definite affirmative. When it comes to safety and protection while riding, it’s usually in your best interest to get the best you can afford and that mantra holds true with neck braces in the world of dirt biking. In today’s tech tip, we’ll briefly describe the safety benefits of using a neck brace while answering some commonly asked questions about them. For more info on the braces we sell, check out our Leatt Neck Braces on

Q: What does a neck brace do?
A: The main function of a neck brace is to limit extreme motion of the head and neck to prevent serious spine injuries caused by a crash. lists what their brace helps protect against:

  • Hyperflexion Neck BraceHyperflexion – over-bending of the head in a forward direction
  • Hyperextension – over-bending of the head in a rearward direction
  • Neck Brace HyperextensionLateral Hyperflexion – over-bending of the head to one side
  • Posterior Hypertranslation – extreme movement of head and helmet, rearward on the neck
  • Coupled Axial Loading – helps prevent axial loading only when the axial forces act in combination with other mechanisms.


Q: How do I know if I need to wear a neck brace?
A: If you’re wondering and looking into getting a neck brace, it’s probably a good idea to Leatt Neck Brace Crashget a neck brace. If you’re racing, jumping high and far, or constantly pushing the limits of your riding skill, then you should definitely get a neck brace. If you do mostly scenic riding, family trail rides, or fairly low key rides, you are still in danger of crashing but may not be as prone to a neck injury. (That does not mean you can’t benefit from a neck brace!) If you can afford it (and already own a helmet, chest protector, gloves, boots) then it’s a great investment in your safety. If you can’t afford it a nice one like a Leatt, consider getting lower cost neck protection which may not be as adjustable and comfortable but will still offer good protection.

Q: How should my neck brace fit?
A: The Leatt Braces that are sold on our site have a huge range of adjust-ability to fit justLeatt Neck Brace Sizing Parts
about any riders body style and gear comfortably. With the brace on, it should fit should sit on the front member, shoulder wings and thoracic member, as close to the body as possible. Unless you have a Leatt chest protector, the brace should be worn under your chest protector. The Leatt neck braces we sell on GearHead are adjustable for larger or skinny chest sizes and can be strapped to your chest protector to limit movement while riding. They even include a bag of goodies for sizing the brace to fit you perfectly.

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