Best Apps For ATV and Side by Side Trails in Idaho for 2019!

We get asked a lot about best places to ride and where people can find trails and roads for full size side by sides, atvs, and dirt bikes. In the current age of smart phones and GPS, why not have access to maps and trails with everything you want all the time and even be able to track your adventures? With summer nearly upon us, we’ve listed some of the top apps (in no particular order) for offroad trails in Idaho. If you currently use an app that’s not on this list, please let us know (email and we’ll add it to the list!

  • Polaris Ride Command – Polaris’s Ride Command App is a feature in some of it’s premium packaged side by sides but you can have all the same features no matter what machine brand you ride by installing this free app on your phone. Like all the apps on this list, you can access maps for offline use meaning if you pre-download maps, you can use them with GPS whether you have cell phone service or not. If your riding buddies also have the Ride Command App, you can also use it to locate them, which is a huge plus if you get separated!

Polaris Ride Command App

  • UTV Trails – UTV Trails is a crowdsourced app that is constantly adding new trails all the time based on users like you uploading data to their servers from your trail rides. The advantage to this is that you may find trails that would otherwise be harder to find on a map or find new ideas of places to ride that you wouldn’t otherwise know of.

UTV Trails App

  • Avenza Maps – Avenza Maps is not an ATV or side by side specific app (and the next two apps on the list) but is a free GPS maps app that allows you to download a wide variety of maps for use offline or with no cell service. Avenza is a great all around map app if you like adding way points, measuring distances, and if you’ll be using it for other purposes such as navigation and hiking. In Idaho, the forest service maps are what we’ve used to find trails and dirt roads for ATV and Side by Side use.

Avenza Maps

  • Basemap – Basemap was also not built specifically for ATV or side by side use but is a free GPS maps app that has some really cool features (some only in the paid pro version) such as showing parcel boundaries, 3D maps (iOS only), and hunt research features. If you are an avid hunter and want a comparable alternative to more expensive hunting specific GPS map apps, Basemap is the way to go.

Basemap App

This is not a comprehensive list of all the apps you could use to record and find trails but these are some great ones.If you currently use an app that’s not on this list that you think should be on here, please let us know (email mdyer @ and we’ll add it to the list!

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