2013 Polaris Pro RMK Quick Drive Upgrade?

Do you own a 2013 Polaris RMK Pro? Most likely you’ve had trouble free blissful riding since you picked it up at the dealer. The 2013 RMK pro is arguably the best snowmobile on the market right now. It’s now been roughly 4 months since the 2013 Polaris Low Inertia Quick Drive Belt system came out. This has given people enough time to get some good mileage on their sleds and the buzz coming on the forums and from customers regarding the Quick Drive Belt system is has been overwhelmingly good. So why does it need an upgrade, as denoted by the title of this blog post? Most would say it probably doesn’t, but no matter how good a sled is, there is always some way it can be improved. There are a few people out there that have seen issues with stripped belt or broken belts due to drive shaft wobble or a bent drive shaft. The reason for this is increased vulnerability in the bottom of the sled directly under the Quick Drive pulleys. All it takes is a hidden rock or a hard landing to potentially damage or bend the pulley or drive shaft resulting in hundreds of dollars in repairs; and more importantly, ending your day of riding. For this reason, GearHead has teamed up with a manufacturer to make the perfect fix: the ProShield. This heavy duty bash plate/skid plate 2013 Pro RMK Plate protects your sled and the Quick Drive system from damage. It is ready to bolt on to your existing sled right out of the package with no modifications need. It has been made to fit the sled perfectly while adding lots of support to the crucial drive system. At only $55.00, the ProShield is a no brainer add on to protect your investment and prevent costly repairs down the road. Own your sled for years to come and have the peace of mind while riding, knowing that your drive system is protected. Purchase the Pro Shield only at GearHead.com: http://www.gearhead.com/gearhead-pro-shield-for-2013-polaris-pro-rmk.html


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