Tech Tip Tuesday: Sprockets

Sprockets are available in several types of metals including steel, aluminum, and titanium. When buying a sprocket choose steel or titanium for longevity and performance, and aluminum for weight savings. ┬áIf you have a chopper or custom bike like our friends down at choppers australia, then you’ll want something heavy duty and rugged in which case you would want to go with steel. When deciding if you should replace your sprockets, check the teeth for wear. When they are thin or the teeth start looking like a wave, it’s time for replacement. If you have broken teeth, you are way over due for replacement and may also need to tighten or replace your chain as well. Failing to replace your sprockets in time can result in your chain skipping teeth or chain derailment, which could cause a whole mess of other issues including a wreck on the trail. When bolting on front and rear sprockets, use a dab of blue Loctite on bolt threads to keep them from coming loose. When tightening the rear, use an alternating diagonal pattern and don’t over tighten! And please don’t wait for your sprocket to look like this before you replace it…

Bad Motorcycle Sprocket

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