GearHead Zombie Survival Guide


How to survive a zombie apocalypse if you own an atv, motorcycle, or snowmobile…

Armor Up – Before heading out of the house looking for food, weapons, and other survivors don’t forget to put on your dirt gear. This will be one of your greatest assets during world war Z. Helmet, chest protector, goggles, boots, knee/shin guard, elbow pads, and gloves will all be a great asset when fighting hordes of zombies and will allow you to fight them better as well as have an extra layer of protection against their zombifying bites.

Headlight – You never know when the next wave of zombies over takes your defenses forcing you to leave your shelter in search of a new one. Make sure your headlight is working in case you have to flee in the middle of the night on your ATV or dirt bike. If you own a race machine with no headlight, consider getting one retrofitted with a baja kit or some LED lights. LED lights are particularly superior for retrofitting as they draw less current than a halogen light. As they say, an ounce of preparation is worth your weight in reanimated flesh. (Okay, no one really says that)

Gas Can – We know every gearhead owns at least one or two gas cans in their garage. Make sure to keep these full at all times as they are useful as an accelerant for destroying infected zombie bodies, as a fuel source for cooking food and boiling water, for building improvised incendiary devices and of course, fueling your get away vehicle.

Tools – What were once just used for working on your motorcycle or atv , can now be used as weapons against the undead. Once your AR-15 is out of ammo, you’ll have a breaker bar, crescent wrench, and 1/2 drive torque wrench at your disposal for melee combat (an axe or machete is great too if you happen to own one). You’ll also be able to put your impact driver or hammer to good use securing 2×4’s over your windows and doors. Wheel bearing grease and oil can be used to coat any other access points or support beams to keep climbing surfaces too slippery to get up.

Trail Armor – Whether you own a side by side, ATV, dirt bike, or street bike, it’s a good idea to beef up your ride as much as you can now. Winch bumpers, skid plates, engine guards, bark busters, and cargo racks will all come in handy when driving through flesh eating mobs and streets strewn with wreckage and debris from the war against the undead. Keep a good supply of tires and tubes on hand as well so a flat won’t keep you from the next supply run or change of hideout.

Weapons Mount – Whether it’s a trusty spine severing axe that doesn’t need reloading, a chainsaw, machete, or a sawed off shotgun, your ride needs to be able to hold a weapon or two at easy reach so you can focus on navigating with both hands but be able to quickly access them when needed.


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