Sport Bike Racing: Heat Stroke at Master of the Mountains

Masters Of The Mountains Round 5 Race Report
Miller Motorsports Park August 20-21/2011


I’m not sure where to begin with this report. I guess with the temperature; it was over a 100 degrees all weekend. At these high temperatures our leather race suits are unbearably hot and heavy. Combine all the gear and ambient air temp with the heat given off from the engine its like being in a blast furnace.

Saturday started out good, except for the yellow jacket that got in my suit and stung me at 130 mph coming into turn 1. I got my GearHead GSX-R 600 up to speed in good time and was feeling positive about the endurance race at the end of the day. As usual I do the second stint of the race, witch is an hour. As I came to the half hour mark I started to feel ill and my muscles started cramping severely. I knew I should pull off but as we are leading the championship it was not a option. As I continued the symptoms got worse and worse. I found myself leaving the bike in third gear and trying to keep the bike upright until the conclusion of the race. We finished the race in third place and kept our lead in the championship. I however ended up with the worse case of heatstroke in my life. When I got off the bike my muscles felt as though they were going to tear themselves from the bones. Luckily one of my garage mates is a physical therapist and treated me for over a hour to get the cramps to subside. After that it was time for a cold shower and some sleep in the air conditioned RV.

Sunday morning I could still feel the effects of the previous day and knew i had better keep myself as cool and rested as possible. I also decided to drop two events, Open Superstock and Am-GTU. My first race was Middle Weight Superbike, this has been a class I have had a hard time finishing better than eighth. I got a good start and finished the race in seventh. Next was Amateur GTO I was the only 600 in the 1000cc class and was unsure of how I would do against good racers on big hp bikes. I came out of the first turn in fourth to my suprise and put my head down. I let one bike by under acceleration and fought him hard into the corner but he had the preferred line and I was unable to counter. I managed to keep from letting anyone else by and finished fifth. The last race for me was Heavy Weight Superstock. I got another good start and found myself in third. I was keeping good pace until about the third lap when my old friend from the day before started to make me feel ill again. I finished the race in seventh only by 0.022 of a second(about a inch) ahead of two other racers.

I’m was happy to put my GearHead GSX-R 600 to rest in the trailer. With only a two week break I’m hoping the temp’s will be cooler for round 6.

I would like to thank all the great people at GearHead for helping make this year possible. If you haven’t checked them out I would encourage you to do so. They have a great website with all your OEM part needs and lots of aftermarket goodies being added daily at great prices. They keep me in all the good stuff.


Shane Kelsey
GearHead #919


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