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The price is right Bob.

Ever wanted to be on a game show? Yeah us neither, but whether you wanted to or not you can now feel in a small way that you are on the Price is Right with our blowout sale of  2011 MotorFist gear. With prices lower than we’ve ever offered, (or seen anywhere else for that matter) we’re practically giving it away. The advantage is you don’t have to deal with the stress of whether or not you will be called out of the audience to bid on this prize. Consider this your call to “Come on Down!”

Rekon Jacket - RedSo why the 2011 gear you ask? Well, we have heaps of brand new 2011 gear and we’ve got to make room for the new stuff. Each Jacket, Bib, or pair of pants is brand spanking new, just like a crisp newly minted dollar bill from the bank. So, you can pay up to $240 more for 2013 gear, OR you can get the same dependable, rugged, eVent technology powered, Rekon Pant Black/Red waterproof, windproof gear with the same warranty as the new stuff, for much, much less. Sound too good to be true? We assure you that it is not, although it will be if you wait too long. Once we sell out of our 2011 gear, we are out. To sip the sweet nectar of 2011 MotorFist jackets, pants, and bibs on sale, head on over to Our Price Is Right sale.

Still not convinced? Not sure if MotorFist is right for you? eVent Waterproof Breathable Fabrics $240 off the regular price isn’t quite the bargain you’re looking for? Well clearly you are not acquainted with the technology behind this superb name and gear. Let us introduce you to eVent technology.(queue theme music) Created by GE, eVent Fabrics get their remarkable water and windproof properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane made up of millions of tiny pores that breathe. These pores allow sweat to escape up to twice as fast as common waterproof membranes. When you sweat more than the fabric can handle, you end up soaking in your own sweat leaving you cold and wet.  This bi-component technology provides the perfect balance of liquid penetration resistance and heat stress reduction keeping you dry on the inside.

MotorFist Dry Zone
Image from http://eventfabrics.com/technology/

So how does eVent stack up to similar breathable technology? Let’s look at a direct comparison between Klim and Motorfist. Klim makes snowmobile gear that is also breathable and waterproof. The chart below shows that the only essential difference besides syling and visual design, is the waterproof technology, with Klim utilizing GORE-TEX technology and MotorFist using eVent Fabric.

Klim Logo MotorFist Logo
gore-tex Waterproof event waterproof fabric
cordura Fabric cordura
ykk Zippers ykk
3m scotchlite reflective material Reflectivity 3m scotchlite reflective material
technical gear Outerwear Type technical gear
proven Personality innovative

The big question to ask now, is whether GoreTex or eVent is better? GoreTex has been in the waterproof fabric market for 20+ years and is a respected and well known name. EVent is one of the new kids on the block but have rapidly risen to be a top competitor of GoreTex. The chart below shows data as published by each respective company on the waterproof and breath-ability ratings. The waterproof rating measures pressure and represents the height of a column of water in millimeters that the fabric can keep out for 24 hours. The breath-ability rating is a measurement of grams of water that move through a square meter of material in 24 hours, also known as Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate (MVTR). These numbers may not all be 100% accurate as lab tests and results vary but it gives you a pretty good idea. Based on this chart, eVent leads the pack in waterproof rating and is leads in breath-ability against all the Gore-Tex fabrics except the Pro-Shell 3-Layer. Clearly eVent stands right up to or exceeds Gore-Tex in nearly every area in these tests. The ultimate test is how it works while you’re wearing it and not in a lab, so take advantage of our price is right sale and put MotorFist gear to your own tests!

MotorFist Event Comparison Chart
Chart from http://www.shop-denali.com/gg_wbbrands2.aspx

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