Essential On the Trail Snowmobile Repair Items: Tech Tip Tuesday

snowmobile tool kit

Ever had your sled break down on a ride or hit a stump or rock and break an A-Arm? If so you know how important it is to have some tools handy for such a situation where you have to do some snowmobile trail repair. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tools to have in a pinch while out on your sled in the snow.

Tool Kit – Most snowmobiles come equipped with a basic tool kit. Make sure yours has snowmobile trail toolsone with the essentials in it. They vary slightly between models but for the most part, it should include a spare drive belt,  spare spark plugs, spark plug wrench, belt removal tool, and some basic tools such as a screw driver and some common wrench sizes. You’ll usually find it under the hood/panels, or possibly under the seat.

Oil & Fuel – Especially if your sled is a 2 stroke, you’ll want to bring along some spare Snowmobile Gas Canoil. You may be religious about keeping your oil topped off before each ride, but there may be that one time you forget and you’ll be glad you had extra oil to get you back to the trail head. If you have room, or a way to carry it such as on this tunnel mounted tank, spare gas is always a great idea even if you don’t end up using it for obvious reasons.

Tie-Down Straps – It’s a good idea to carry at least 2 tie-down straps with you at all snowmobile tie-downstimes. Think of them as a giant zip tie, tow strap, recovery strap, and more. The potential uses are endless. For instance, in the unlucky event you break an A-Arm or snap a spindle on a tree, you can lash the a-arm and ski together with tie-down. Once it’s lashed together use the other tie-down to lash it to the back and side of your buddies sled for the tow home. Ratchet tie-downs with high test strength are probably the best type, but any standard tie-downs should get the job done.

Zip Ties, Duct Tape, and Baling Wire – With this magical combination, there’s zip tiespractically nothing you can’t fix (at least temporarily). These were definitely in Macgyver’s tool kit.  From coolant hoses, electrical fixes, linkage repairs, and more, a roll of duct tape, 10ft of baling wire, and a bag of zip ties are worth their weight in gold when something breaks.

We recommend keeping these essentials in a snowmobile mounted bag so you have the freedom of not having to wear a backpack while riding.We hope this list will help save you from having to ride out on the back of your buddies sled instead of yours when you run into trouble (or a tree). If there’s anything else you know belongs on this list, let us know at or comment below.

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