Gearhead Employee Spotlight: Ken Burt

Town where you grew up:  I grew up in Parker, ID out by the sand hills.     Ken Burt: Salesman of Rexburg Motorsports
Town where you live now:  I have lived in Rexburg since 1978
Spouse’s name (if any):  Dixie
Children’s names and ages (if any):  Jared, Trev, Ryan, KaraLyn Ferguson, Lance and Kevin.
Job title:  Salesman or the “old guy”
Years with the company:  I have been with Rexburg Motor Sports since the beginning.  That is a long story.  This last stretch has been about 10 years.
What are you know for around the store?  The Old Guy or salesman that has been around the longest
 What is a typical day like for you at work?  I come to the early sales meeting and then I make sure the machines customers are coming in for are ready.  make phone calls and follow up with leads.  Talk to new customers coming in.  Coordinate accessory installation and follow up with the service department.  Keep customers happy and sell, sell, sell.  
Why do you like working at Rexburg Motorsports?  I mostly enjoy working with the customers.  When they bring family and friends in to work with me, that makes it even better.
Do you have any hidden talents?  My talents are hidden so deep I can’t even find them. I do like to cook. I enjoy Dutch oven cooking, cooking on the grill or even in the kitchen.
What do you like to do in your free time?  I like doing things for my wife and family. I enjoy cooking.
What do you love about motorsports?  I like helping people get machines that they are going to have fun with.  Sharing their experiences and fun is very fulfilling.
If you could test one vehicle on the show floor right now, which one would you pick? It would be the Maverick Trail.

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